Medical skin procedures


Additional tests, including a skin biopsy (sampling of the skin), are sometimes needed to either help with the diagnosis or to treat an isolated skin lesion, which could be a skin growth or a simple mole. Dr Vlachou is fully trained in performing skin biopsies for diagnostic and treatment purposes.

These are minor surgical procedures, performed under local anaesthetic (a small injection into the skin), which numbs the area of skin being operated. The whole procedure can take anything from 15 to 45 min, depending on the size of the lesion, type of procedure and where on the body the surgery is performed. Stitches might be needed as well as a dressing, and advice is given at the end of the procedure on how to look after the wound. Informed written consent is always sought prior to any minor surgical procedure.

All skin biopsies are sent to a specialised laboratory with expertise in dealing with skin diseases and skin cancers. The skin biopsy specimens are looked at and analysed by nationally and internationally renowned histopathology doctors at LD Path Group, with the highest standards of clinical practice.

Further minor procedures include treatments that remove skin lesions by non-surgical means. You can find a detailed list of those procedures along with the prices in the list below. A medical dermatological consultation precedes any skin surgical or non-surgical procedure.



£30 per lesion

Cortisone injection


Skin biopsy (sampling for diagnosis)


Excision of benign lesion (removal of harmless lesion)

£280 for up to 3 lesions

£550 for 4 or more lesions

Excision of skin cancer (removal of skin cancer)

£350 per lesion

Botulinum toxin (“botox”) injection for excessive underarm sweating

£550 for both armpits