£300 for single treatment and aftercare products

£750 for a course of 3 treatments and aftercare products

£1450 for a course of 6 treatments and aftercare products

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Skin elasticity, pores and acne scarring

Medical micro needling

Medical micro needling or collagen induction therapy (CIT) is one of the most popular, safe and natural non-surgical skin tightening procedures. It works by introducing multiple tiny puncture wounds into the skin which stimulates the skin’s own natural healing processes and repair mechanisms, including new collagen production and improved blood supply.With continued treatment the skin starts to gradually plump up, thereby gradually reducing the appearance of scars, fine lines, saggy skin, hyper pigmentation, stretch marks and enlarged pores.

In essence it is a way of stimulating your skin to heal and regenerate itself naturally. Micro needling is safe to use on any body site and is commonly used on the decolletage and hands as well as the face. The devices come in different sizes and can be used to target much smaller treatment areas such as individual acne or surgical scars.

In addition to CIT, the channels made from the micro-needles allow better penetration and effectiveness of other creams and gels you may be using as part of your beauty regime. Micro needling is a perfect treatment for those seeking a natural way of improving skin texture – especially fine lines, shallow scars and enlarged pores. We would recommend it as a complementary treatment to any beauty regime.

The procedure

A sterile roller covered by hundreds of super-fine needles is rolled onto the skin after applying an anaesthetic (numbing) cream. It involves rolling a small, sterile hand held roller device that is covered with numerous tiny closely-spaced needles many times back and forth along the affected skin region. The skin is thoroughly needled in such a way, that each skin part is needled about 15 to 20 times, producing thousands of tiny puncture marks or micro-medical needle-channels in the skin. Each channel goes no deeper than the skin layer and will be approximately 0.1mm in width.

It is usually delivered as a course of 3-6 treatments 6-8 weeks apart for optimum results, with maintenance treatments tailored according to specific needs. The time taken to perform the procedure depends on the area to be treated. On average treatments may take up to 45 minutes for a full face or as little as 10-15 minutes for localised areas of scarring. During the procedure you will be aware of pressure and movement on the skin. An even pattern of tiny pin-point bleeding points over the treated area indicates that the procedure has been done effectively.

The skin is then thoroughly cleansed and treated areas will appear red (like a sunburn) afterwards which may last up to 24-48 hours before subsiding. Occasionally more sensitive skin types may take longer to heal. Pre- and post-procedure instructions and products (including sun protection) will be provided at the time of the consultation. Visible signs of regeneration may take between 6- 8 weeks. However, the process will continue to evolve over subsequent months with continued treatment, providing a more gradual and subtle improvement.

Why have micro needling?

  • Because it will stimulate your skin’s natural collagen production

  • Because it has a short downtime and is minimally invasive

Indications for micro needling

  • Shallow acne scars

  • Enlarged pores

  • Fine lines and wrinkles (for face, neck and decolletage)

  • Aged and sun-damaged skin

  • Stretch marks