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Every new medical consultation involves some degree of detective work, which is what makes medicine so interesting, and challenging.

All our consultations have three parts including taking a history from the patient, doing a physical examination, and formulating a management plan based on what we think is the likely diagnosis.

At times treatment can be planned and started immediately, and at other times it might be necessary to organise additional tests such as blood tests, skin swabs or a skin biopsy.

Having trained in the UK and undergone rigorous general medical training prior to specialising in dermatology, puts us in the advantageous position of recognising and appreciating the impact of one’s general health on the skin and vice versa. In addition, our combined general medical and dermatological knowledge means we can select treatments best suited to you, the patient, as a whole, and not to your skin condition in isolation.

Common skin conditions such as eczema and acne are managed well by most General Practitioners (GPs) in the community, but at times review by a specialist is needed, especially when treatment fails, when it is no longer effective or if the diagnosis is in doubt. We see and treat both adults and children with a variety of skin conditions (you can see these on medical dermatology). The first consultation usually lasts approximately 30 min and subsequent consultations (if needed) 20 min. We see self-paying as well as insured patients. After your consultation, you will receive an electronic version of your clinic letter for your records, and a copy can be supplied to your GP.


Consultation cost

£215 for new patients

£175 for returning patients

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