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Blemishes and warty lesions


Harmless age spots, skin tags and warty lesions can often be as cosmetically disruptive as lines and wrinkles. At other times they may be itchy or bleed when accidentally traumatised. Individual lesions can be removed by gentle freeze treatment using liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy). This essentially causes a cold burn to the specific target area and is a quick, safe and effective way of removing superficial lesions.

The procedure

Liquid nitrogen is either sprayed or carefully dabbed onto the skin lesion for a few seconds. Whilst the liquid nitrogen is being applied, the skin will firstly feel very cold, followed by a mild stinging. After the treatment the skin may become slightly red and very occasionally localised swelling and or blistering may occur. The treated area then scabs over and after an average of 10 days it becomes smooth.

Mild discolouration (usually lighter patches) and scarring can sometimes occur over treated areas, particularly on darker skin tones. This is usually temporary and fades with time. For this reason we would always recommend a small test area before treatment.

Why have cryotherapy?

  • Because it is a fast and effective treatment

  • Multiple areas can be treated at the same time

  • Because for any of the above outlined indications it is an alternative to minor surgery

Indications for cryotherapy

  • Age or “liver” spots (solar lentigines)

  • Warty skin lesions (seborrhoeic keratoses)

  • Skin tags