By Consultant Dermatologists


Did you know your skin is the largest organ of your body? Delicate and pristine in early life, by our thirties it may carry a variety of “fingerprints”, remnants of conditions such as previously active eczema or acne, and ageing external stimuli such as ultraviolet light, lack of sleep and smoking to mention but a few.

Many of us are at times in the situation whereby we wished we could improve our skin’s appearance. It is not uncommon to turn to the beauty counter, the local chemist, or our friends for advice. But do the products we eventually buy fulfill our expectations?

Just as you visit your dentist to assess your dentition, your skin care should start with an assessment by a trained Dermatologist. Dermatology is a medical science with cumulative and continuously updated knowledge over a lifetime, and whether we agree or not, nowadays cosmetic dermatology is a big part of it and an extension of medical dermatology.

At Skin360Clinic our consultation puts you in the centre of the equation. Our aim is to explore your skin concerns, assess your needs and expectations, and provide you with preventative and/or corrective cosmetic treatment with proven efficacy. We offer you a global, 360 degree skin consultation, that combines accredited medical and cosmetic dermatological knowledge via a relaxed, personalised and friendly approach.

The initial consultation lasts approximately 45 min. If treatment is indicated and you decide to proceed, we will arrange it on a separate appointment. What you pay is the first consultation fee, which is then subtracted from your total treatment cost. Payment options include card via chip and pin or cash on the day of your consultation. We kindly ask you to give us 48 hours notice in the event of cancellation.


Consultation cost

£175 (refunded from your final cosmetic treatment cost)

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