Christina Vlachou

Consultant Dermatologist

Hello, I am Dr Christina Vlachou. I completed my undergraduate and postgraduate medical training in Leicester and relocated to London to train as a Dermatologist, after securing a position in one of London’s highly competitive training posts. The multifaceted nature of dermatology and the ability to improve one’s quality of life by treating their skin condition is what attracted me to the speciality.

Working in different hospitals including the Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust, I’ve had the opportunity to look after multi ethnic populations of patients. I have been actively involved in dermatological research trials, and I have published and presented in national and international medical journals and conferences. I currently work as a Dermatology Consultant in the NHS and privately. I thoroughly enjoy and embrace both the medical and aesthetic aspect of dermatology and above all I love the interaction with my patients.

Dermatology aside, I was born in London to Greek parents, and grew up in Luxembourg. I had the opportunity to complete my tuition in an international environment at the European School of Luxembourg and became fluent in English, Greek and French. I love dance and music, and I believe that enhancing one’s looks can increase confidence and make us feel better!