Vampire facelift

The Vampire facelift – young at first bite?

Who would have thought that the secret of eternal youth may have been lying in the myths of vampirism all along? The latest radical non-surgical age-defying treatment hailed as the Vampire facelift or Dracula skin therapy has a long list of celebrity devotees including Anna Friel, Danni Minogue and more recently Kim Kardashian, having recently posted a youtube video of her blood splattered face following treatment.

This revolutionary, rejuvenation therapy interchangeably known as the vampire skin therapy or Dracula facelift is the latest trend in non-surgical facelift procedures. As the name suggests, the procedure does involve extraction of blood, but thankfully no stabs through the heart, no retractable fangs and no coffins! The procedure is based on extracting a small sample of your blood from the arm into a test tube, like having a blood test. This is passed through a centrifuge machine and spun at high speed in order to separate the components of the blood. The all important top layer, known as the plasma is carefully isolated from the rest of the blood components in the test tube.

This ‘magic layer’ of plasma is rich in cells called platelets (platelet-rich plasma or PRP). These tiny cells are normally involved in wound healing and produce important growth factors that accelerate tissue repair and regeneration. After applying a numbing cream, PRP is then re-injected back into target areas of your skin, stimulating new collagen production and improved blood supply to treated areas. The end result? Fresh, healthy and younger looking skin.

PRP was in fact first created by sports doctors who used this treatment in athletes with soft tissue injuries to accelerate recovery by stimulating repair of collagen. It’s universal healing and reparative properties has seen PRP being used for many other purposes including hair transplantation to promote survival of transplanted hair. With repeated treatments, the Vampire facelift has been championed as a natural and subtle way to treating tired looking, crepey skin with fine lines and wrinkles and to restore the skin’s plumpness and natural glow. As the PRP is derived from your own blood it is safe with minimal side effects. There is no risk of rejection or allergic reactions as no synthetic or foreign substances are introduced into the skin…. Perfect for those wanting to improve skin texture and glow without using synthetic products.

It is a quick and simple procedure that can be used anywhere including the face, hands, décolletage and appears to be particularly useful in treating more challenging areas such as under the eyes. It is a genius invention using your own blood’s goodness to inject new life into your skin – blood tests have never been quite so rewarding!

Christina Vlachou