A dermatology clinic for adults and children, for medical and cosmetic skin problems


Our services 


Medical dermatology
Mole checks, treatment for acne and other skin conditions

As dermatologists in the UK we are trained to confidently look after both adults and children with a variety of skin conditions.


Cosmetic dermatology
Botox and other procedures by Consultant Dermatologists

Explore your skin concerns, assess your needs and expectations, and provide you with preventative and/or corrective cosmetic treatment with proven efficacy.


Our clinic

We offer personalised medical and cosmetic skin consultations and treatments to suit your needs in a professional, and simultaneously personalised and friendly atmosphere.

Your dermatologist

My name is Christina Vlachou and I work as a Dermatology Consultant in the NHS and privately. I thoroughly enjoy and embrace both the medical and aesthetic aspect of dermatology and above all I love the interaction with my patients.